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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

lagi lagi TAG

nie aku x tau, tag pe tah nie..haha
telah ditag oleh yaya   (ko lg..haish..haha)

p/s : tag ni da lama dah org ni buat. tapi baru la ni tau nak reply. HAHA (aku copy sume k..haha)

Rules and Regulation :

firstly , if you've been tagged , you must write yours answer in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new , original question . secondly , tag eight people .don't refuse to do that , don't tag people who tagged you .

1 . who sleeps in bed next to you ?

kanan n kiri malaikat, tp wallahualam tido ke tak...

2. do you ever lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of somethings ?

NOP n will never ever ( baek kn aku,eh cm ade skali je..hahah )

3 . what kind of kuih raya did you make ?

kueh bangkit yg x bangkit2 dan lau owg rse, owg 2 pon skali x bangkit..haha

4 . best day of the week ?

every day~ hahah

5 . what's really creepy ?

haish...seram tu ape?? (belagak siot..wakaka)

6 . what's your current fandom / obsession / addiction ? 

men game sampai mabuk!
7 . what are the colour of your baju raya ?

ermmm, biru kot, lupe lak..haha

8 . what did you eat for break fast today ?

lom brkfst lg stakat nih..

9 . what is your aim for this semester ?

e72, blackberry, p.satria, date, dean list, pinjaman mara full, duit buku mara..hahaha

10 . what was the last things you bought ?

present for someOne ^^

11 . what was the cuttest thing you've seen recently ?

hahahahhaha....adela~~~ (kan mai~~~ haha)

12 . does the cute things affect your mood ?

haishh,,, mesti la..wakaka

13 . what is your zodiac sign ?

Aries dan yg sewaktu dgnnye sagittarius pon boley.hehe

14 . do you want to learn other skills ?

guitar ...still learn, drummer! tennis pon horait~

15 . 5 things you can't live without ?

pe eh?
oxygen, water, makanan, matahari, bumi...tol x?

16 . if you could meet anyone now , who would you meet 

our prophet ,, nabi MUHAMMAD S.A.W ...:(

17 . what's somethings you'd to say to someone right now ?

weiii pengarah mara,, bg aku loan full!!!nape aku x dpt full,bkn kaye pon.!!! zzzzzz

18 . what are you looking forward to ?

looking for future~

19 . say something to the person who tagged you ?

jgn TAG mende pelik2 suda..hahaha

cm besa

dan sape2 yg rse nk kne tag~  kuang kuang kuang

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